Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do we attend events?

We will be posting events at this web page and through facebook please click "going" on the facebook event page so we can know the exact amount of people coming to the event

Q2. How can I get a mentor?

We will be Handing out the application form during Fall Quarter GBM or you can contact us through email or facebook requesting for the application form

Q3. What are the mentors for?

It depends on each mentor. You can ask them any questions, and ask them to tutor you if you need any help. Please have your manner with you and do not ask stupid wishes such as completing your homework

Q4. How can I join the study group?

There is a menu on the webpage "Study Group" there is a link to the google form which you can enter your information and join the study group. We will be making study group for different classes each quarter and there will be an awesome tutor for each study group

Q5. How can I become an officer?

We will notify when we are looking for the new officer and the application form will be posted on the facebook page and on this web page. We will be revewing the application form first and then schedule an interview with each of you.

Q6. How can I contact to professionals after events?

We cannot schdule any meeting with professionals its your own duty to follow up with each of them, so you can have more opportunity for internship or reasearch project

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